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Pool car Service

Avis Pool Car Service is positioned to relieve your organization of the many distractions of everyday car problems. We deliver efficient chauffeur drive vehicle management and maintenance solutions and this service option is specifically designed to exceed your expectations and give you value for money.

Our pool car service is tailored towards deployment of good and serviceable vehicles to corporate organization for their day to day business operation at zero commitment as set-up cost rather at fixed monthly service charge. Thereby relieving our clients of huge capital outlay associated with outright purchase as well maintenance costs associated with vehicle running and driver management.

 The following are the added value that will benefit from this proposed relationship:

1.      Coverage – The presence of a known brand to handle all your need for ground transportation anywhere in Nigeria.

2.      Vehicle Acquisition – We have in our fleet range of vehicles in specified size, colour, brand, and model duly registered with, road worthiness certificate, insurance and all other statutory documentations necessary for running vehicles across Nigeria.

3.      Vehicle Checks & Maintenance – We run periodic checks and carry out maintenance on all our vehicles assigned to our clients thus Avis Nigeria is liable for both preventive and corrective maintenance of all its vehicles in our clients’ custody. We take our adequate maintenance of our assets with great importance to ensure highest performance of delivered vehicles.

4.      Security & Vehicle Tracking – All outsourced vehicles are fitted with trackers for security and to check excessive speed, location, and running costs. This service helps to keep a tab on drivers and vehicle whereabouts all day long. It is peace of mind guaranteed.

5.       Professional/Trained Drivers – We provide cultured, courteous, and extremely careful drivers to chauffer you to your destination in style. We assure your total satisfaction through our continual driver monitoring, support, and training.

6.      Invoicing – Our service billing allows for single and central billing system against multiple car rentals bills from other states by other service providers.

7.      Availability – Our fleet size confirms availability of any model vehicles that you may require.

8.     Rate – We offer a monthly fixed rate at affordable price for our chauffeur drive .

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