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Haulage Service


Products distribution to wholesalers and retailers has been a source of concern to Manufacturers that are in the chain products re-distribution of raw material, bye /semi-finished and finished products / goods in various locations in Nigeria.

The challenges encounter by companies with the engagement of Individual trucks owners or popularly called transporters include but not limited to the following;

  • Downtime of the trucks occasioned by inadequate maintenance.
  • Drivers issues and attitude range from;
  1. Unprofessional and in experienced
  2. Non- ownership mentality and vehicle manhandling
  3. Perpetual absent from work with flimsy excuses
  4. Products theft, missing, damages before getting to the customers.
  5. Complete truck abscondment with products and other valuable items etc.
  6. Endless vehicles licencing papers at different cities across the territory of Nigeria.

Avis Haulage provides an efficient and effective distribution solution to national and multinational organizations with the essential daily haulage requirements that guarantee end-to-end distribution of goods in the following areas;

  • Technical alliance with the truck manufacturer representatives in Nigeria with wide of maintenance /auto garages for timely and pro-active maintenance at various locations.
  • In-transit repairs and rescue.
  • Back up or replacement truck in the event of repairs or accident
  • Optimal mechanisms that regulate diesel control and consumption during the operations
  • Stringent haulage drivers selection and employment process which is not limited to the following
    • Driving test based on the ton or size of truck specified
    • Pre-and post employment background checks
    • Uncompromised and enforcement of Avis policies on safety, security and Health
    • Regular guarantors re- validation
    • Fingers thumb prints at the department of Crime in Nigeria Police Force
    • Regular training with involvement of road stake holders (VIO, FRSC, and Consultants)
    • Incentives and reward system through appraisal process
    • Active Good –in Transit Insurance (GIT)
    • Strategic Partnership with vehicles papers /permit at different state
    • Option of products branding by the company

Deployment of Truck Tons / Sizes

Based on the client’s choice in relations to the products weight / capacity, Avis can deploy, under contractual lease period and execution of lease agreement by both parties any of the under listed tonnage and in the specification that is more suitable of distribution;

  1. 5 tons,
  2. 10 tons
  3. 15 tons
  4. 20 tons
  5. 30 tons
  6. 40 tons    
  7. Trucks specification
  1. Flatbed
  2. Tilt
  3. Curtain-Sider
  4. Box
  5. Swap-body system
  6. Low-Loader

Pricing /Rate model

Avis pricing primarily consist of fixed and variable cost structure.

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