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Chauffeur Service

Our Chauffeur Services come with recruitment, training and Management of well groomed and uniformed professional Chauffeurs who will meet your needs in areas of defensive/security driving, Customer Service and good knowledge of road networks.

Our Chauffeurs are skillful in vehicle maintenance, which will ensure the your vehicles are always in serviceable and good working conditions. The outsourcing will be managed by a team professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry.


The concept of outsourcing drivers from Avis Nigeria offers the following benefits to organizations:

Client-Specific Recruitment: We offer client specific services. This is based on the understanding that no two clients are identical in terms of needs. Prior discussions with client organizations offer us an understanding of each client’s peculiar requirements and expectations. Thus Avis Nigeria adopts detailed recruitment and selection procedures of drivers to ensure a near-perfect match with client requirements.

Legislation compliant: We comply with government legislation in the area of employment of labour; we ensure that all drivers are:

  • Covered by the provisions of Employees’ Compensation Act
  • Group life insurance cover
  • Pension scheme
  • Have access to Health Insurance scheme
  • Have Leave and end of year bonus, where applicable.

Greater Resources base Flexibility: We offer organizations the unique opportunity to increase or reduce their support staff strength as the need arises. We provide additional staff and replacements, where necessary, at short notice ensuring the uninterrupted conduct of your core business activities.

Reduced Direct Cost: Outsourcing offers the client opportunities of reduction in overhead costs resulting from maintaining fewer personnel. Further, the cost of regular or periodic recruitment and / or replacement of support staff will be borne by Avis Nigeria and emphasize regular communication with its seconded drivers and the User Company.

Industrial Relations: Avis Nigeria is adequately equipped to effectively manage driver’s matters to ensure uninterrupted service delivery to the user company’s clients. We emphasize regular communication with the outsourced drivers and the User Company.

Support Staff Management Expertise: Avis Nigeria possesses the requisite expertise to handle tasks and problems associated with managing drivers. With a combined experience of over ten years in this area of expertise and well trained and experienced personnel. We constantly bring to bear our experience, and need to keep abreast of global business developments in the rendition of this unique service to our clients; 

Key Documentation: In order to guide against infidelity, we always require our drivers to provide two guarantors who will be held liable for any gross misconduct. The guarantors form is a carefully packaged undertaken signed by the guarantors in the event of gross misbehavior.

Locations: We have the capacity and capability to manage drivers in almost all states in Nigeria due to our geographical spread. More specifically, we maintain adequate and physical presence in major cities in Nigeria such as Lagos, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Enugu, Benin, Abuja, Asaba, and nominal presence in other states.